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Hollow blade paddle dryer

The paddle dryer is suitable for heating, drying, cooling, and sterilizing materials for various industrial applications. The machine uses conductive heat with a horizontal mixing mechanism, so continuous operation is possible to maximize production efficiency.

Paddle dryers are commonly used for hot drying. This process is used to mix materials in the petrochemical, metallurgical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. It is ideal for drying powders, granules, and other types of suspension mixtures. A hollow blade paddle dryer is the result of a combination of the latest scientific achievements and advanced technologies. This machine can cool, heat dry, and sterilize and also performs the process of calcination in low temperatures for various applications. The paddle dryer has a self-cleaning function. Due to indirect heating, there is not much air to dissipate heat, the outer wall of the dryer and lay the insulating layer of the slurry material.

The mixer in the paddle dryer starts working after the material is introduced into the drying chamber. That's when the load starts to heat up and mix. The mixing mechanism itself has been specially designed to evenly heat the entire content and break any lumps as well as large pieces that may form during drying. The drying time itself depends on the moisture content of the load, as well as the specific properties of the material used, so this process can take from a few minutes to several hours. To complete the desired drying process, it is possible to adjust the feed speed, mixing shaft speed, and temperature.


Hollow paddle dryer features

  • Continuous indirect heating machine for drying and cooling materials
  • Continuous operation can also be intermittent operation
  • Two parallel hollow stirring shafts with intertwined blades in the shell
  • High heat transfer by a steam jacket
  • Rotary joint mounted for supplying heating medium
  • Blades have the self-cleaning possibility
  • The specially designed wedge-shaped paddles
  • A low-cost system, it has a huge heat exchange surface per unit of effective volume
  • Short processing time and a significant reduction in the floor area and building area
  • Blade dryer is low energy consumption machine, evaporated water only 1.2 kg 1 kg water vapor
  • Wide range of materials handling
  • Common heating media are steam and thermal oil