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How does the screw conveyor work?

During the operation of the screw conveyor, the conveyor shaft rotates and the material moves forward along the bottom of the conveyor trough under the pressure of the blade. Due to the gravity of the material and the friction between the material and the groove wall, the material does not rotate with the auger blade.


What is a trough in a screw conveyor?

A trough is a housing of the conveyor where the material is conveyed. The space between the screw and the rectangular trough is filled with the transported bulk material, creating a static layer. Rectangular troughs are typically used in applications for the transport of bulk abrasive materials.


Through auger conveyor - general information

The u-trough conveyor is used for conveying powder, granules, and dry loose materials. It consists of two bearings seats, flights, shaft, driven equipment and bearing housing, etc. Screw flights and shafts are welded to the center pipe. Rotations are initiated by the energy-efficient gearbox with a motor. Material is transported along the screw conveyor from the inlet to the outlet. In general, all auger conveyors look similar, but it differs due to the properties of the processing material. Material can be cold, hot, wet, dry, or fatty. The design of the conveyor is made in order to achieve the best possible performance. Different options are available: variable pitch of the flight, extra inlet, outlet, etc. Screw conveyors can be made from carbon or stainless steel.


Conveyor screws for animal by-products processing are divided into 3 separate groups:

  • Raw material handling conveyors
  • Process conveyors
  • Press-cake handling conveyors


Features of trough screw conveyor

  • Few moving parts
  • Reliability and durability
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Heavy-duty bearings
  • Animal feed machines
  • Gearbox with coupling