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The dewatering process is a term used in the rendering industry for press equipment. Twin-screw presses are designed to maximize the dewatering and oil pressing. TG-Machines have developed a twin-screw press which is mainly used for removing the water content of different raw materials. It is available in many sizes. Our oil machine is a slow rotating twin screw press, and it is a perfect alternative for the centrifuge decanter, which is rotating and wears out very fast.

The twin-screw press is effectively extracting liquid from cooked fish and meat, and it is separating liquid from press cake. There are a few types of mechanical dewatering equipment. TG-Machines is specifying what type of dewatering techniques will be the best for your process. Twin screw press can be used in the meat rendering industry and in the seafood processing industry like fish meal plants. The twin-screw press mostly is controlled by a frequency converter, ensuring the flexibility for handling different capacities and types of raw material according to the customers' requirements.

The proven design of our machines and many years of experience makes us a good supplier of twin-screw presses. TG-Machines can deliver spare parts for the existing presses, and we offer a complete service, including rebuilding worn screws.



  • The robust design of mechanical dewatering equipment
  • Dry press cake results in energy savings during drying processes
  • Drainage system
  • Counter-rotating screws with reducing pitch
  • Low energy consumption and easy maintenance
  • Increased fat recovery from the press cake
  • The low rotational speed with extremely high torque
  • Material, stainless steel or mild steel
  • Solids screw conveyor in the bottom tray
  • Varying compression ratios to suit the different capacities of raw material