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It is a thermal drying process in which heat energy is applied to the sludge for water evaporation. The drying process reduces the volume of sludge, making it easier to transport, package, store, and retail. Sewage sludge has to be dried to increase the caloric value of dry matter. TG-Machines is manufacturing and delivering industrial dryers for sludge treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants. Thermal drying is necessary to remove the water content that cannot be removed by mechanical dewatering. We design an energy-efficient drying technology for partial drying.

Sewage sludge disc dryer is ideal for processing capacity expansion of the existing plants and for sewage sludge mono-incineration installations. Disc dryers are applicable for sludge coming from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Sewage sludge disc dryers are intended for dealing with sticky materials with high humidity, viscosity, and low heat value. Sludge dryer capacity is depending on water content and heat transfer of dried material.

The required operating capacity of the disc dryer can be achieved by changing the size of the machine. Dried sludge can be formed as powder paste, pellets, and briquettes. Sterilized sludge can be used as a fuel for incineration plants, as a co-product for composting, and as a fertilizer. Dried sludge enriches soils with nitrogen, phosphorus, and organic matters. One tone of sludge contains approximately 200 kg of organic materials 10 kg of different soluble salts, 8 kg of phosphorus, and 6 kg of nitrogen.  



  • Simple and compact design for sludge drying
  • Small footprint on the machine for easy installation at the sludge disposal plant
  • Reliable, robust, and proven technology for municipal plants
  • Designed for homogeneous partial drying of sewage sludge
  • Large heating area of the rotor, discs and steam jacket allows for high volume water evaporation
  • Efficient thermal condensate removal to the water treatment system
  • Waste heat recovery from water vapor evaporation
  • Dewatered sludge drying system with integrated drying rate and moisture measurements control
  • Saturated steam as an effective energy source
  • Perfect for capacity expansion of the existing plants and for sewage sludge incineration plants